Clean Lightroom Presets Collection – Mobile


I’m thrilled to share with you my Beach Lightroom Presets! This collection is specially made for the beach but also work great on all outdoor photography! If you love crystal blue waters and bronzed skin, these presets are for you!

The Clean Lightroom Presets Collection comes with five mobile presets:

Clean Cut, Bright & Golden, Moody, Portrait Perfect, and The OG

*Install instructions are also included!

I am thrilled to share with you my Clean Lightroom Presets Collection! This set is my most versatile and looks great with both indoor and outdoor photography! If you love bright, clean and crisp edits, then this preset collection is for you!

  • Are you a blogger or influencer? Use these presets to give your social media and blog consistent, professional tones.
  • Are you new to editing photos? These presets will make editing a breeze – they are one-click edits and you won’t have to do anything else!
  • Do you love taking photos of your kids, family, and friends? Use these presets for easy editing on the go and impress everyone with clean, professional edits!

You will receive 5 mobile presets with purchase of the Clean Lightroom Presets pack
Clean Cut, Bright & Golden, Moody, Portrait Perfect, The OG

NOTE: These presets are designed for Lightroom mobile only. They will not work in desktop Lightroom.

Portrait Perfect BEFORE - Clean Lightroom PresetsPortrait Perfect AFTER - Clean Lightroom Presets
Moody BEFORE - Clean Lightroom PresetsMoody AFTER - Clean Lightroom Presets
The OG BEFORE - Clean Lightroom PresetsThe OG AFTER - Clean Lightroom Presets
Bright and Golden BEFORE - Clean Lightroom PresetsBright and Golden AFTER - Clean Lightroom Presets
Clean Cut BEFORE - Clean Lightroom PresetsClean Cut AFTER - Clean Lightroom Presets


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Before Purchasing:

  • Download the Free Lightroom Mobile App on your phone. This is needed to apply the presets

  • View instruction video HERE on how to install a preset to your photo

  • IMPORTANT: that the download link expires after 24 hours. Make sure you can access a desktop computer within the next 24 hours of you purchase so you can save these files somewhere safe!

  • No refunds, returns, or trades. I know it seems harsh but once you make the purchase you will have permanent access to the preset files. Please make sure they are what you want before you purchase them


After Purchasing:

  • If you post a photo using one of these presets, tag me and I will share it to my page!
  • You can also use my presets hashtag #teresamoonpresets – I am constantly sharing your photos using that hashtag!
  • If you love using my Clean Lightroom Presets Collection, please leave a review. It really helps me out!
  • If you need help or have any questions, email me at I am happy to help!



First Time Using Lightroom?

If you are new to Lightroom Mobile and this is your first time installing presets, the installation process can definitely seem confusing. Trust me, I wish Lightroom made it easier! But I promise you it’ll all be worth it! Spend a few minutes now to get your presets set up, and then for the rest of time, your photos will be one click edits!

  • If you watched the instruction video and still need help installing or using your presets, please email me. I will help walk you through the installation process and make sure you are all set applying your presets! 



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