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Meet My Team

A lot goes on behind the scenes of! Here are the amazing women on my team that make it all happen. 


Zoe Nevil

PR Manager & Strategist


Zoe is a PR Manager and Strategist with  It Girl Agency based in Wisconsin. Zoe is currently finishing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and plans to begin working with It Girl Agency full-time come 2021. Zoe began her interest in the Influencer space as a teenager watching her favorite content creators turn their hobbies into careers. Zoe met the agency founder + CEO, Lydia, through a part-time retail job in Madison, Wisconsin. When Lydia launched her brand, Zoe began following her journey and reached out for a part-time position. Zoe quickly grew within the company and now manages a handful of talent, along with scouting new talent and brands. 

You can contact Zoe via email at or shoot her a DM here. If you’re interested in learning more about It Girl Agency, feel free to fill out this form!


Marisa NeSmith

Marketing & Pinterest Manager

Marisa is a travel blogger and photographer whose traveled to over 70 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.  Her passion for travel was ignited during the 6 years she lived in Italy. Since then she has continued to travel and just recently returned from spending 1.5 years traveling around SE Asia. 
Her blog, This World Traveled, is full of detailed travel guides and tips to help you plan the trip of your dreams and live a life of exploration.  
Currently based out of Florida, Marisa is an avid road cyclist, scuba diver, yogi and all around adventure-lover. 
You can follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and her blog!


Karmen Flores

Blog Contributor & SEO


Karmen Flores is the creative behind Karmen Collective.

Based in Michigan, Karmen Collective is a lifestyle blog focused on plant-based and sustainable, intentional living. From the best tips for all things plant-based to how to shop sustainable fashion, Karmen makes living with intention easy and less intimidating. She is also a photographer and loves to share bits and pieces of her daily life and travels as well.

You can check out Karmen’s blog at and find her on Instagram @karmencollective


Katryna Pona

Blog Contributor & SEO


Katryna Pona is a lifestyle blogger based out of Colorado. Her blog, Kinspires, provides helpful and inspiring content on subjects regarding lifestyle design, manifestation and health and wellness.

Katryna is 23 years old and currently resides in her hometown of Colorado Springs. She attended Colorado State University-Pueblo, where she received a BA in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Journalism and a minor in Spanish.  

On Kinspires, Katryna’s purpose is to create inspiring and enlightening content that will guide her audience in becoming the best versions of themselves and to manifest their dream life! She is wildly passionate and knowledgeable in manifestation and holistic living. Katryna enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with her audience to better help encourage and inspire them!
You can find Katryna on Instagram, Twitter