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I’m a Florida-based creative still seeking an appropriate job title.  I quit my job to become my own boss and fuel my passion for a creative career. I started this blog to share my perpetual journey of self-improvement, creativity and sustainable living.

More About Me & My Story


I was born & raised in a small town on the beach in Florida; a town in which I still currently reside. Growing up, my entire life revolved around playing soccer. I also played a few instruments and caught a few waves, but it was always soccer that was on my heart. It got me a full-scholarship to play in college, which is where I met my now-husband. He played on the mens team, I played on the women’s team (I know, we’re adorable.)

florida beach drone

Fast Forward To A Decade Later

My Inspiration & Sense of Self

  • I would describe myself as a deeply curious human always looking for ways to live as a better version of myself. 
  • I view the world as if my eyes are the lens of a camera; constantly look for ways I can capture the beauty I see in front of me and use it to express myself in a creative way. 
  • In the last few years, I’ve become increasingly more aware and active in the world of sustainability and improving the future of our planet. And I feel conviction and responsibility to use my platform to inspire others to do the same.  

Where I've Been

has made me who I am

I’ve travelled to 33 countries, and I can’t wait to explore more of our beautiful planet. Although, now it has become significantly more difficult to do so with an adorable little 2 year old that follows me around everywhere! 

I much prefer to explore to new places, rather than revisit ones I’ve already been to. My favorite destinations (that actually I would return to over & over!) are Santorini,  Cinque Terre, and New York City.

My mom is who gave me my passion and constant desire for new experiences, cultures, and adventures. She taught me how to use them to get into better touch with myself. And I can’t wait to pass that same passion on to my daughter.   

Where I'm Going

embracing an exhilirating path

Writing on my blog, creating content for brands, sharing my influence on social media… I can’t believe I get to call this my job. 

I’m proud to be on this journey; and while somewhat uncertain, the future excites me.  

Final Thoughts

& a promise to my daughter

Nothing is more important to me than being a mom. Through all the twists and turns ahead, I will always remind myself of my true motivation.  

I aspire to set a positive example for my daughter. So that years from now, when she reads my little space on the internet, she knows that she, too, can follow her dreams and refuse to let anyone hold her back. 

Meet the Fam

You’ll be seeing them a lot around here, so get to know them a little better! 


Meet the man behind (most of) the photos! 

Ryan was born & raised in Devon, England. Yep, he’s got the accent… that’s how he got me to date him! He played professional football (soccer) through his youth, earning him an impressive resume of  international success! He came to Florida in 2008 to play soccer in college, which is where we ended up meeting. 

And here we are over a decade later! 

 Watching Ryan become a girl dad has permanently melted my heart! He is also the absolute best husband a girl could ever ask for (and did I mention he has an English accent?)


We all know who the real star of the show is here!

We welcomed Evelyn into the world in 2018, and our lives were forever changed for the better.  

Evelyn’s fearless heart and playful spirit brings a smile to everyone’s face. And her cheesy grin when I ask her to smile for a photo is my favorite thing in the entire world. 

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